The Haze | Session 3

Session was played on 31 March 2023.


Characters Failed Career Description
Blind Diode Jefferson Electric Sheep Herder Sometimes pretends to be blind; he is not. Lost his flock to a bunch of lime nomads. Quick on his feet and comes up with some brilliant ideas, but knows nothing when it comes to staying out of debt.
Electrochromia 2-Step Porcelain Pretender Tried to pass as a Porcelain Prince; it did not go well. Despite being outcast as a fraud, they still continue on acting as if they are a Prince, clearly not having learnt their lesson. Can also be rather arrogant.

That Didn't Go as Planned

Last session the party had made there way to the site where supposedly a great goblet of power was buried beneath. Unfortunately though it seems the area is heavily irradiated, so they must proceed with caution. Iggy was still back at camp recovering from his wounds and radiation exposure, while EAGLE was told to hang back, lest he become too enamoured with the “power” of the site and turn into one of the ghosties we met last time. Luckily for Electrochromia, Jefferson finally finished his reboot cycles and came back online, so they two of them could decide where to go from here.

Given the irradiated nature of the site, the two decide it would be best for Jefferson to continue digging down (since he is a robot and probably won't die of radiation) while Electrochromia scouts the area around. As Jefferson digs, the ceramic-like soil breaks like hard mud, making it slow going. While he is digging, Jefferson starts shouting up to the ghosties various stories of wrangling loop sheep. After 2 hours of digging, Jefferson slams his shovel down and it goes clean through to a cavity beneath, revealing a hollow cavern.

Moving to investigate, Jefferson stakes some rope and snakes it into the hole, lowing himself down into it. Since he is a robot, Jefferson is able to see in the darkness, but it is as if you took a very low quality image that is then upscaled and looks weird, so it is definitely not the most accurate picture. He finds himself in a cavernous foyer with a big indusial blast door built into one side of it, with no clear boundary between the rock and steel. Metal stairs with railings lead to a set of metal double doors and a heavy bulkhead.

Meanwhile, Electrochromia starts to scout about the area to confirm their location. They are quickly able to find the road which, if their map is correct, should lead them to the Citadel in two day's walking distance.

Arriving back at camp and rendezvousing with Jefferson, the two discuss what they have found. Electrochromia uses the mirror to ask the leader about how to enter this underground bunker. He flexes his bicep, kissing it, making a gesture suggesting this is the only key that is needed. At hearing this, Jefferson goes back in the hole and walks up to the door, standing at a 45 degree angle to the door to shoot the lock out, easily breaking it. The door slowly swings open, creaking and letting out the thick, acrid smell of oil and dust. Donning the walls on either side are two large metal shelves, each housing a single golden trophy. Everything in the room seems to be covered with a thin oily substance, along with lush green vines wrapped around. Up ahead the room narrows into a passage, with metallic scraping sounds echoing from further down the hallway. Scrawled on the back of the door smeared with oil is a word in a bastardised machine-like language saying “leave”.

Not wanting to get himself killed, Jefferson slowly walks out and heads back to the surface. Upon meeting with Electrochromia and being showered with questions, he insists that he found nothing of value in the bunker (conveniently forgetting to mention the golden trophies). Electrochromia does not hide their disbelief, but also is not sure about going down themselves given the heavy radiation. In the following moments though, Electrochromia very much starts to psych themselves up.

Sure, I will probably die of cancer at a young age, but hey, you know Porcelain Princes can have multiple bodies, so I can just buy a new one! Well I'm not really a Prince, but these guys don't know that. I am Electrochromia 2-step after all, meaning I should have another body. Maybe if I go back to the Citadel I can even convince them to make me an actual Prince. Yeah! I'll buy so many bodies I'll be invincible!!!!

All the while this is happening Jefferson is awkwardly standing by as Electrochromia is whispering to themselves and jumping around as if they are about to fight. Eventually she looks to Jefferson and proclaims “I'm ready, let's do this!” and almost leaps into action, clearly trying to act before the gravity of the situation can really sink in.

Once the two of them get back into the bunker, they start to investigate, using the motorcycle headlight of THE POWER as a flashlight. Of course Electrochromia immediately notices the trophies and proceeds to look them over more intently. One looks like an atom, while the other is in the shape of an eagle spreading it’s wings with a star superimposed upon it. The eagle statue has some writing upon it indicating it is some military award of some point, in some way involving science.

After discussing for a bit, both of them continue further along the passage till they get to the end where it takes a sharp turn to the left. Jefferson uses the mirror to peak around looking down the hallway, which shows another door and also the source of the scraping noises: a medium-sized cart heading toward the party being pulled by two large cockroaches as they are guided by a lumpy, greyish-skinned, child-sized human.

The creature and roaches walk up to the doorway nearby. The lumpy one knocks on the door and says something which seems to approximate “dinner is ready”. As they get closer, the cart comes into focus, revealing it as a large, ceramic bathtub filled up with a viscus, crude oil. The tub is just being dragged across the floor, with no wheels, which was the source of metallic scraping. The lumpy one enters through the door with roaches and the tub, leaving the hallway empty.

The party quietly sneaks past the door down the hall till about halfway down there are 2 doors, one on each side of the hallway. They open the left door, which leads to another hallway with even thicker vine growth, culminating in a large room with what appears to be a large pool of dark, shiny liquid in the centre; the vines seem to emanate from this pool. Jefferson says, “I don’t like this” and they close the door, turning around to open the door across the hall: it was not a good idea. Both of them get blasted with hyper-intense radiation, which immediately drops Electrochromia unconscious. Jefferson shrugs, closes the door, and grabs his friend, jogging out of the bunker and climbing up the rope with the two gold trophies.

They probably won't be coming back here for some time.

This is the map of the areas we explored this session.

Cash and Debt

No change this session. The group did find two golden trophies though, which they will probably be able to sell later on.



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