The Haze | Session 2

Session was played on 17 March 2023. In the future these recaps will be posted following each session.


Characters Failed Career Description
EAGLE Emerald City Begpacker An old, retired biker who's beloved motorcycle, THE POWER, got smashed. He carries around pieces of the bike to hopefully one day repair it. He also has a custom-made, unpainted 25mm miniature of himself making out with THE POWER.
Electrochromia 2-Step Porcelain Pretender Tried to pass as a Porcelain Prince; it did not go well. Despite being outcast as a fraud, they still continue on acting as if they are a Prince, clearly not having learnt their lesson. Can also be rather arrogant.
Ignatius Górnik XXXVII (Iggy) Dwarf Unionist A conservative dwarf who left the union when leadership tried to change an old tradition. Justifies his journeys into the grasslands by citing Ignatius XVIII having done so. Rolled up his old union card to smoke a joint.

I Think We Got Irradiated

With their newfound $1300 the group got from selling the last metal, they decide to buy 6 bags of fancy supplies (which conveniently come with happy meal toys) for $8 each ($48 total), before heading out to our next destination. Then they start heading West in the direction of the Potsherd Crater.

They are interrupted on their way by a small procession of a dozen flower princesses (basically young adult Madeline-esc. school girls) all wearing white in a caravan. They offer us flower crowns, which are accepted by EAGLE and Iggy, but Electrochromia refuses since is already wearing a mask. The flower princesses get agitated at the refusal and leave. EAGLE tries to eat one of the flowers and his mouth starts to go numb, so he spits it out and takes off the crown. Iggy continues wearing it and proceeds to develop deep stigmata-like rashes along his head and becomes quite sickly.

The group continues on for another 5 days or so until they encounter a slow-moving band of radioactive-looking ghosties. One of the things Electrochromia was able to learn from the Princes before being expelled was the gift of vanity, so using the Porcelain mirror from this time they are able to see the true nature of these ghosts. This shows them to be a troop of ancient soldiers. The standard bearer holds a banner with the symbol of a goblet, which Iggy recognises from old Dwarven tales to be the group perpetually in search of an ancient goblet of power. Electrochromia is able to barely talk with them using some bits of an old language (Latin equivalent) and the leaders tells them that the goblet is already found, so if they want it, they can follow them to this treasure. They decide to abandon the path and follow.

They follow the ghosties 5 days Northwest till they arrive at a spot of shale-like porcelain. The leader of the ghosties offers us a shovel, which manifests into a real WW2-esc. trench shovel upon taking it. EAGLE digs till hitting concrete, unearthing a plaque which writes “… a place of honour”. As they dig, their skin gradually starts to develop what looks like a sunburn while Iggy who was already sick starts to feels even worse. Electrochromia asks the leader again for elaboration on if it was the goblet that changed them into these ghosts. In response, he takes off his mask to reveal a face that looks as if it has melted, after which he has all the men take off their masks, revealing themselves to be animated skeletons.

Looks like the groups has gotten themselves a nice dose of radiation poisoning.

Our travels for the session.

Cash and Debt

-$48    (fancy supplies)

+$160   (another week of interest Last Chair Saloon)

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