The Haze | Session 1

Session was played on 10 March 2023. In the future these recaps will be posted following each session.


Characters Failed Career Description
Blind Diode Jefferson Electric Sheep Herder Sometimes pretends to be blind; he is not. Lost his flock to a bunch of lime nomads. Quick on his feet and comes up with some brilliant ideas, but knows nothing when it comes to staying out of debt.
EAGLE Emerald City Begpacker An old, retired biker who's beloved motorcycle, THE POWER, got smashed. He carries around pieces of the bike to hopefully one day repair it. He also has a custom-made, unpainted 25mm miniature of himself making out with THE POWER.
Electrochromia 2-Step Porcelain Pretender Tried to pass as a Porcelain Prince; it did not go well. Despite being outcast as a fraud, they still continue on acting as if they are a Prince, clearly not having learnt their lesson. Can also be rather arrogant.

Debt and More Debt

The only thing initially bringing this group together was their semi-regular stops at the cat cafe, which is famous for serving psychedelic cat poop coffee. One particular night the group finds themselves together through a collective psychedelic trip. Not much is remembered from that night, but all they know is that when they came to the night morning, the cat cafe told them they are now $10,000 in debt.

Forced together by happenstance, the group tries to find some leads on how they might begin to pay this enormous debt. Through Electrochromia’s perceived status, the group is able to get some fresh intel on a recently deceased Prince with quite the estate (a glass house) to their name located near the Potsherd Crater. Knowing that others would likely soon be closing in on the estate, the group decides to head West towards the site to hopefully salvage as much loot as they can before others clean the place out.

They meet up with an old “friend” of Electrochomia and are able to secure an off-the-books loan from him of 3 mules ladened with supplies, with the understanding that he will be given a cut of the profits upon their return.

The three of them start on their journey West, but first stop at the Last Chair Saloon. They decide to purchase some last metal for $400 since they had heard it could be sold for $800 each at the Low Road and the High. The loan for this is secured by Jefferson at the most atrocious of loan conditions: 20% interest for every week until being repaid.

Right after the loan conditions were agreed to, Jefferson has the lovely idea of dispossessing the pigs (at the saloon) of their trough, using it along with some scrap wood on the property as well as the spare parts of THE POWER (EAGLE’s motorcycle) to assemble a wheelbarrow to carry some extra supplies.

On their way to The Low Road and the High, the group encounters a small pack of prairie dogs with telescoping metal protrusions for eyes that block the path. EAGLE tries attempts to howl to intimidate them, but the howl comes out more as a whimper, marking the group as easy prey to the prairie dogs. A small fight ensues, but it is over quickly after Electrochromia charges in on muleback and EAGLE rushes in kicking as many aside as possible.

With the threat taken care of, the group continues on to The Low Road and the High. Upon arriving, they quickly start to talk amongst the few merchants that had gathered to sell the last metal. It turns out it is actually the Porcelain Citadel where the real profit can be made in selling last metal, not here, but through some negotiation and a leveraging of status, Electrochromia is able to secure a price of $650 each, which is $500 in profit total (initially bought both for $800, sold both for $1300). Though with the interest of the loan being so high, they will likely either make even or end up with even more debt than before.

Map of our travels for the session.

Cash and Debt

+$1300  (selling last metal)

+$800   (loan from Last Chair Saloon)
+$160   (interest from loan)

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